Recent talks on Play It Again

Play It Again team members have spoken about the project at a couple of recent public events and received some coverage.

1. Several team members and supporters spoke at the “Game Masters” Forum, at Te Papa, on 4th March. New Zealand’s TV3 show “Media 3” did a segment on the project, which can be found via their webpage here (Season 2, Episode 6, from around 21:00).

2. Melanie Swalwell was an invited speaker at the Recordkeeping Roundtable in Sydney, on 2nd April. There’s a report on their site here.  There’s also a Storify tweet thread here.

Edit 5/4/13: Plus, here’s some coverage of ‘The Collectors’ panel that team members spoke in, at the ACMI Game Masters Symposium, last June.  It’s a considered piece on game preservation, by Richard Moss of

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