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Network analysis Journal Club, Tonsley campus.

‘Network Science; a transformative science for healthcare research and technology?’  Professor David Ben-tovim, CMPH, Flinders University.  12-1pm, 24th  November, Tonsley Campus, room 5.29 & via Teams.

The day-to-day work of a general hospital or large health service is extraordinarily varied. Creating a scientific representation of such diversity is challenging. Graph theory represents complicated entities as abstract combinations of points (nodes) and edges (vertices).  We have been exploring the application of Network Science to understanding how hospitals really work.  This talk will provide a brief introduction to Network Science, and give some examples from our recent research of how it represents major components of existing hospital services, and the novel hypotheses it generates.

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DAGs Forum 1pm Tuesday 29th September 2022

‘Artificial Intelligence Clinical Trials: A Necessity’  Dr Stephen Bacchi, RAH

In his fascinating presentation Stephen highlighted what lies ahead for the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into the healthcare system. Despite the rapid increase in data and application of AI and ML in research, there are still relatively few technologies adopted into routine healthcare. Of those technologies that are being implemented there are legitimate questions that should be asked about the necessary approval process, with approvals being made based on limited RCT data. Additionally, Stephen described the practical implications from a legal perspective for clinicians, and the likely willingness of clinicians to rely on new systems that provide clinical decision support with limited transparency regarding how their recommendations were made.

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