Hear from FHMRI Researchers – Dennis Asante, PhD candidate

Dennis Asante is bringing a new perspective to ageing, chronic healthcare needs, and health services utilisation in our rural communities. Combining experience and previous training in teaching, political science and public administration, he is finally realising his dream to help provide better health options, no matter where you live. But behind this interest in science is a very personal motivation: Dennis has a deep desire to stop other families experiencing what happened to his. 

Dennis’ family suffered the heartbreak of his grandfather’s premature death in Ghana because essential medical services were not available in his rural community.  This inequity has driven Dennis across the world to South Australia, where he has found research colleagues who support him, his search for knowledge and his desire for change.  “Why should older people not living in a city suffer because of it? I am seeking to understand the experiences of older people not living in urban centres, how they navigate healthcare & emotional needs, their frustrations in terms of resources, and how this impacts their health-seeking behaviour. I believe and hope that with the right targeted polices we’ll be able to bridge the gap between rural and urban services.”  Crucial to developing his research is being in the right environment, surrounded by researchers who are all passionate about making a large impact on health care. 

Based in Renmark, Dennis notes the collaborative research environment has broadened his skills, encouraged questioning, and helped to apply more diverse methodologies to his research questions.  “Irrespective of where you have come from or what you are researching, the team want you to succeed.  I’ve been encouraged in my desire and quest for understanding.  I’ve become a better researcher through the support and encouragement I’ve experienced in my search for more knowledge.”  Dennis believes the South Australian model he is developing potentially can be applied in other parts of the world where access to health resources for older people is difficult, and ultimately help elevate unnecessary suffering for families in non-urban communities globally.    

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