RED Alert – brought to you by Honours

Welcome to all of our incoming Honours students.  I look forward to getting to know you and following the progress of your projects.

All members of CMPH are invited to attend the Honours Introductory Seminars, Thursday 16th of March in HLTC 1.01 (timetable to be circulated in the near future).

To help you off to a good start,  I offer you my top 5 tips for surviving Honours (also applicable to PhD students):

  1. Keep good notes and start writing early. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.
  2. Get to know the other members of your lab group. Often the person with the answer you need is another student, post-doc or research assistant rather than your supervisor.
  3. Be Confident. You have been accepted into the Honours program because you can do this.
  4. You will make mistakes, possibly lots of them. That’s ok, you are here to learn.
  5. Look after yourself. Follow the Flinders student health and wellbeing blog for inspiration and the occasional reality check

For further information contact Dr Amy Wyatt, CMPH Honours Course Coordinator.

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