RED Hot off the Press: 1 Mar. 2023

Guest Editor: Dr Nick Eyre shares podcasts he’s been listening to:  PROTAC drugs, CRISPR screening & an interview with Stephen Quake.

Every fortnight Briony Forbes and guest editors curate a short list of resources to inform and inspire your research and teaching practices.  

Guest Editor: Dr Nicholas Eyre

If you are looking for something interesting to listen to during your commute or while you’re working in the garden, these podcasts may be of interest. The first two podcasts provide an overview of the development, current state of play and future applications of two powerful new technologies: PROTAC drugs and CRISPR screening. The third podcast is an interesting interview with a leader in the fields of single cell genomics and microfluidics, who discusses, amongst other things, the Human Cell Atlas project and his philosophies on Open Science publishing and grant funding philosophies.

  • PROTACs Roundtable: Bertozzi and Deshaies
    Senior Nature Biotechnology Editor Markus Elsner has a discussion with Ray Deshaies and Carolyn Bertozzi about PROTACs, small molecules that have the potential to treat previously-undruggable targets in clinical applications. 40 min podcast.
  • CRISPR Screening Roundtable: Stegmaier and Doench
    Kimberly Stegmaier and John Doench speak with senior editor of Nature Biotechnology, Markus Elsner, about the history and latest developments in the field of CRISPR screening. 47 min podcast.
  • An interview with Stephen QuakeStephen
    Quake is the Head of Science for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Amongst various achievements and awards, he was a key contributor to the Human Cell Atlas project. Here he discusses progress in cell type classifications, the Open Science movement and research funding philosophies and gives advice on starting a company.  40 min podcast.

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