RED Hot off the press: 7 June 2023

Mental Health & Wellbeing for Scientists: Support Pack.

Every fortnight Briony Forbes and guest editors curate a short list of resources to inform and inspire your research and teaching practices.  This week’s edition focuses on mental health and wellbeing for scientists, and a plethora of resources Dr Amy Wyatt has uncovered.

Experiencing rejection and feelings of inadequacy will affect most scientists at some point in their career, and the pressure of publishing, obtaining grants and getting results can trigger ‘imposter syndrome’ and affect the mental wellbeing of even the most experienced of researchers.  But it may help you to know that you are not alone and that there are lots of people out there, including your colleagues and peers that have been in similar situations themselves, and who want to help.

A range of mental health resources specifically relevant to researchers have been collated by Hello Bio and cover topics such as building resilience, managing expectations and mentoring.

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