Prof Fran Baum builds research links with University of Victoria, BC, Canada


Professor Fran Baum AO visited Professor Trevor Hancock and colleagues at the School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria.  On 10th November, she and Trevor held a joint seminar on the topic: “What Came After the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health?” Fran spoke about the follow up to the Commission’s work and examined the barriers to uptake and also the factors that will encourage more action on social determinants.  Trevor spoke of the vital importance of developing an eco-social model of health which puts protection of the ecosystem as central to health promotion.  Trevor and Fran also spoke about the feasibility of involving Adelaide in the One Planet Region initiative which aims to reduce ecological footprints so that we don’t out strip our planet’s ecological resources.  Fran also met with Dr. Bernie Pauly and colleagues to discuss their mutual work on equitable health systems and determined to develop some collaborative work.

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