Alastair McEwin, Commissioner Disability Discrimination, presents at Southgate Oration

Alastair McEwinThe 8th Oration of the Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity was held on Thursday, 20 October 2016. The guest Orator was Alastair McEwin, Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner. Alastair’s presentation was titled ‘Achieving the right to health for people with disability: eliminating discrimination in a changing world.

“There is a clear disability gradient in health” stated Alastair as he argued that the most significant impediments for people with disabilities are not physical. Instead they stem from the disabling effects of social, environmental and attitudinal barriers that prevent the full and equal participation of people with disabilities across all areas of life in Australia.

Alastair concluded the Oration by reflecting on the importance of continuing the legacy of Dr Deane Southgate, whom the Oration series honours. Dr Southgate’s efforts to direct attention to, and address, the social and environmental factors that impede wellbeing are particularly relevant to work in the area of disability, where discrimination and injustices still operate as significant impediments to the realisation of health equity for all. To view this Oration please click here.


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