Nearly Time to leave on That Jet Plane!

The preparations for my 5 month trip to Aus are nearly all complete.  My home school is Stirling University in Scotland (it is very green). Flinders in Adelaide seems one million miles away – the surrounding a completely different reality.

But, I think I am ready. I have my visa sorted – which was, surprisingly, remarkably easy in comparison to getting a US visa. I have my flights booked for Jan 29th so not too long to go now, safe to say I am overly excited whilst experiencing constant butterflies.  I am not so keen on the 26hours of travelling ahead, might I add I will be alone.


When I first land, I am staying in Melbourne with family for just under one month. Hoping that this will give me time to settle to the climate as well as activate my bank account! (I set up a NAB account from this side, it was so quick and easy to do). As for heading to school and living in Adelaide, I am staying with a girl who was on exchange at my school last year. I am not sure how living off campus will be, but I have quite a few friends already so I am hoping I will make my network wide pretty quickly.


My biggest fear heading down under is the wild life – snakes and spiders make me squirm to say the least. I am going to need a lesson pretty quick in safety and handling! Otherwise, I think I should fit in with the outdoor, warm surfer climate.


As for class selection, the process also seems relatively straight forwards. Being able to do the same degree in a different country in amazing. I have hit gold here! I can not wait now to arrive and get stuck in to this semester!

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