Anastasia from The UK: Nine things you NEED to know about Exchange at Flinders!

Who: Anastasia Jones
Where: Flinders University
Home University: Brighton University
Studying: International Business
When: S2 2011 & S1 2012

1.    The Workload

I would say the workload is slightly lower than my home university, probably due to the fact that an Honours degree is split over four years rather whereas ours are squashed in to three years. However, this makes much more sense.  Students are less stressed, and can really focus on the workload which was reflected in my perfect GPA scores. The topics at Flinders are set over one semester, unlike at Brighton where many topics run throughout the whole year which is just awful. Having to balance eight topics at once, rather than four per semester is just ludicrous. Flinders has it right.

2.    Practical Career Experience

The actual workload and style of work was similar, though in Flinders Business School, the assignments had a much more practical focus. We even had the chance to construct a strategy which we presented to a local business and discussed with the business owner. This experience was exceptional.

3.    Accommodation

I lived on-campus and would recommend this to other exchange students as it was amazing!

4.    Budget

I spent $170 on accommodation per week, $100 per month for groceries, $30 for a night out each week and $100 for books each semester.

5.    The Australian People    

People in Australia are happy, not as stressed, more relaxed, easy-going and sociable.

6.    Making Friends

Go on trips with the ISSU, live on-campus and attend all the social events!

7.    A Typical Day

Wake up to the screeching rainbow lorikeets.  Say good morning to the koala outside your window.  Walk to university in the sunshine.  Attend lectures.  Grab a subway.  Chill on campus with your friends by the lake.  Do work in the library.  Grab a beer at the bar.  Walk back to home looking at the sunset over the sea.  Have a barbie.  Have some beers with friends.

8.    Reasons to Go

The opportunity to live in such a great place. Travelling round such an amazing country was amazing. Achieving exceptional grades was something highly rewarding. Mixing with different cultures is fantastic; I have friends with people from all over the world.  It was all pretty good!

9.    My Advice

Study hard, party hard, travel hard, and sunbathe hard.

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