Seminar in Progress

Seminar in progress.

I have never been to a model UN before, and have never done any overseas study, but I have been very impressed with everything to date. The conference proper started on Wednesday, with the last several days being filled with cultural activities. It was amazing to be able to attend the peace ceremony held just outside the A-bomb museum and within sight of the A-bomb dome. Some really impressive speakers were either present or sent their apologies, including the Prime Minister of Japan. Interestingly there were quite a few protesters out and about that day that were critical of recent government decisions regarding arms export – a definite undermining of world peace. The study sessions so far have been very intense – the days do seem to stretch on with workshops, lectures and preparation for the Model UN on Saturday – although I am sure that it will all be worth it!

The most impressive thing for me so far has been the array of lecturers that has been put on. The INU network currently comprises some half a dozen universities from around the world, from such places as spain, Australia, the US, Japan and Sweden amongst others. I really appreciated the lecture series that was put on, as it was a great opportunity to compare my experiences of both content and delivery of learning materials with other international styles.

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