Tea, Baseball and Liberty in Boston!

My name is Zoe Brown and I am in my third year and this semester I will be going on a university exchange to Butler University, Indianapolis, USA!! Before arriving in Indy my boyfriend and I have undertaken a travelling adventure around the UK, Canada and the US.

Our First USA Stop: Boston

I loved Boston. The city gave me a really great insight into American culture and its history. My top 3 highlights of Boston are:

1)      The Boston Tea Party Museum

I left this museum feeling very patriotic (well if I were an American)! The museum begins with a rabble rousing speech which is then followed by a tour of an old ship where you proceed to throw tea overboard!

'I'm on a boat!'- Boston Tea Party Museum
‘I’m on a boat!’- Boston Tea Party Museum
2)      The Freedom Trail

After the Boston Tea Party Museum heightened my American patriotism and increased my knowledge of American history we took a walk along the Freedom Trail. This allows you to explore the various Boston neighbourhoods whilst following historical Boston landmarks. My favourite part of the trail was seeing the various parts of the city. While we were walking through ‘Little Italy’ we came across a street celebration full of Italian street food! One of the stops on the trail is Monument Tower, where we braved the 294 steps in the heat and were rewarded with beautiful views of Boston.

The Monument Tower on The Freedom Trail

3)      A Red Sox Game

While we were in Boston the Red Sox were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks at the iconic Fenway Park. The tickets to the actual game were super expensive but we got a chance to watch in America’s favourite pastime in a sports bar just outside the park called the ‘Cask n’ Flagon’. It was lots of fun watching the game and the people and it was a great way to immerse ourselves in the culture.

Peter at the ‘Cask ‘n Flagon’

In conclusion, Boston was a very interesting city with people willing to help you at every turn.

Goodbye for now – next stop NYC!


p.s The pizza in Boston is yummy!

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