Taking on America – Part 2

After being in the sates roughly 2 weeks there are some things I have come to notice. Firstly there are quite a few words that just don’t exist in an American’s vocabulary. BluTac (removable sticky putty), Macca’s (just McDonalds or MickyD’s), Capsicum (bell peppers) and Jetty (pier) are just a few of the words that they don’t have. You should also know that when out in public it is crass or rude to ask where the toilet is. Always ask for the restroom or bathroom, and never ask for tomato sauce with your fries….. You’ll get pasta sauce, when you wanted ketchup.

In Sedona, Arizona, the ‘Golden Arches’ of McDonalds are in fact teal. This is because planning laws say that the colour of the building’s must reflect the natural surroundings.


Travelling the sates was an amazing experience. I got a taste for how American’s work and live, as well as met some amazing people. However, I am glad that I am finally in my accommodation on campus, and am settling into life at the University of Miami. If I had any advice for anyone who is staying on campus, it would be to bring a few things from home to brighten the rooms. The rooms are clean and comfortable, however, when you come with just one suitcase it can feel very empty and depressing. Especially when I moved in, I had no sheets or other homely items and the white, bare walls made me feel quite lonely. It is amazing what a quick trip to Target can do for a room though.

My room when I moved in


Classes start next week and I am both excited and nervous. Mostly I am just nervous that I will get lost on campus. The campus is huge with rooms and buildings covering 239 acres of land. The library stacks are 9 levels high, and it is highly uncommon to come across a single story building. However, I’m told by locals that the UM campus is small in comparison to other local Universitys. In the lead up to classes I have been trying to find my way around, although I am still getting lost in my own building. Hopefully it sinks in soon.

If you are of clubbing age (here it is 21, which unfortunately I am not) I would suggest looking up some of the songs and culture before coming. This seasons tacky dance number is the wooble, which everyone knows except us internationals. It is cool to watch everyone doing the same dance, but it also makes you want to join in. which results in you looking up ‘How to’ videos on youtube to try and learn it.

Anyway, must dash. I have more dancing to learn.

See you on the flip side.

Xoxo Haylee

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