Adventuring Across Canada!

It’s hard to believe over a month and half traveling across Canada has now passed and my semester at the University of Calgary beings in only a few days. After arriving in Canada July 16 in a sunny Vancouver, I’ve now somehow managed to make my way through Canada seeing what there is to see including Whistler, Vancouver Island, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Banff, and now Calgary!  Fortunately, I was able to escape the cold and wet Winter of Adelaide and enter into the beautiful Canadian summer where weather has been consistently warm and sunny (so much so that I got burnt!). I began my travels by spending a week in Vancouver where I saw the sights including a day’s bike ride in Stanley Park, a 3 km hike up Grouse Mountain, and sussing what beaches Canada has to offer (they got nothing on our beaches)!

A beautiful Vancouver as seen from Stanley Park

After having a blast in Vancouver which proved to be quite the welcoming to Canada, I made my way up to Whistler on a bus where I was blown away by the huge mountains, glorious lakes, white water rafting, and zip lining! Next up was Vancouver Island where I visited the capital of BC, Victoria and a small beach town called Tofino where I surfed and visited natural hot springs. Although for a surf town, it was weirdly wet, cold, and foggy!

White Water Rafting in Whistler

After seeing what there is to see in BC, I made my way across Canada on a plane to Quebec where I visited Quebec City and Montreal. Here I was able to practice my french skills and try the famed poutine (hot chips, gravy, and cheese curds). The chips and gravy I like, the cheese I’m still undecided about! After Quebec, I made my way across to Toronto where I was able to soak up the big city life. I went to a really cool street market called Kensington Market where a whole array of stores was to be found from fresh produce to second hand clothing. Being so close to Niagara Falls, I decided to make a day trip out of it.

Niagara Falls was incredible!
Niagara Falls was incredible!

My travels were near wrapped up catching a flight from Toronto to Calgary. However they weren’t quite finished! I caught a bus to Banff which is was outstanding. Every city I go to makes me think I could easily live here. Banff, located in the rockies, is surrounded by huge mountains with forests everywhere. I did some really big hikes somewhat hoping to run into a wild bear but at the same not wanting that! But I did see some Moose (Mooses, Meeses!?)!


The Rockies!
At the top of Sulphur Mountain looking down at the tiny Banff Village.

Now I find myself typing this blog post in my residence at the University of Calgary. Orientation Week is a blast, move-in went really well, and I’m meeting heaps of new people which are making me feel at home. Until next time, Chris out!

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