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Almost one month has passed since move in day on Sunday September 1st at the UofC and after one busy O-Week, class begun and  midterms are already fast approaching. Yes midterms, a concept unheard of in Australia (at least for me). But back to the start for now. After somewhat struggling to get to the university itself (the trains were down and all my belongings I had for the past month and half were on my back, in my hands, and in one solitary suitcase), I arrived to find an empty room of three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchenette.

All unpacked and making myself at home!
The common living area of our room featuring two more bedrooms and a bathroom not in view!

A mandatory floor meeting was held where we were informed of various things and had a chance to introduce each other going around in a rather large circle. When I dropped the words “I’m from Australia” ooooooos and ahhhhhs went about the room. I still don’t know why Canadians love Aussies so much but it has certainly made making friends that much easier. Everyone just seems to love an Aussie! O-Week kicked off with a BBQ, and followed with events such as a dodge-ball tournament where my Year 5 skills had to be put on display, a late night Target shopping night, a pep rally, and the Rez Rodeo.

Late night student shopping at Target!
Floor 3 of Yamnuska Hall representing The Shor3 at the Rez Rodeo!

The Rez Rodeo was by far one of the most fun events out there with an assortment of mini-games each team (teams were made up of your residence floor) had to compete in such as a tricycle race, egg catching, and a slip n slide race. Each floor of residence has a theme and our is Jersey Shore or appropriately The Shor3 for Yamnuska Floor 3.

Kickoff for the Calgary football team better known as ‘The Dinos’ was two weeks in and was a blast! Despite my lack of interest for Canadian Football (may as well just be American Football. The only difference is one less player and one less down), getting out there to support the team and experience the atmosphere was great! Everyone got free 2013 kickoff shirts to splash the stadium in red. I still think the sport has nothing on AFL where play is just a continuous 20 minutes with arguably a lot more contact and a lot less protection. I still don’t understand how 15 minute quarters can last up to 40 minutes!

Selfies with the Calgary Dinos mascot!

Class had to eventually begin and so far I’ve found it to be more or less the same as studies back in Aus. Although there really is a big focus on midterms with most of my classes being assessed through tests with few assignments. Right now I should probably be hitting the books for impeding tests!  I’ve found that there is a huge focus on readings and to my discontent I’ve had to fork out an unfortunate amount of money on textbooks! But I’m finding it to be very useful. I really didn’t know reading a textbook could further my knowledge in the given subject! I’m finding the campus to be really great. Although 10 minute treks to class are becoming tedious (Yamnuska Hall is the furthest residence away from any building with  classes). The campus itself is meant to be bigger than downtown Calgary! The classes are very similar to what I’ve experienced at home. But I have heard stories of other professors who talk for 50 minutes straight without notes or slides and even someone using a projector screen for their slides! The snow is fast approaching from what people are telling me and I am both excited and extremely worried about how my Australian blood will handle it. I’m already cold enough as it is with the temperature hovering around 10 to 15 degrees!

Next up is Thanksgiving in two weeks time and then Halloween! Until next time, Chris out.

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