Orientation and College Classes

Just like your typical college teen movie the American college experience is full of crazy frat boys, nervous freshmen, slightly kooky professors and occasionally everyone breaks into synchronised dance movements!

The Butler Bulldog!


It has been just over a month since I started at Butler University and I am having a blast! I began as an as nervous international student worried whether I would fit in and if I would find all of my class rooms. But then I was greeted by the wonderful International Orientation people, a group of Butler students who made me feel excited to be at Butler!

Butler International Students!


Over the four days of orientation I participated in scavenger hunts, learnt school cheers, discovered the massive shopping complex known as Wal-Mart and gossiped with my roommates! A particularly crazy experience happened one night when we went late night bowling. All of the sudden a song came over the loud speakers, all of the Americans cheered, stopped what they were doing and EVERYONE started doing these coordinated dance movements! It was like High School Musical! I have never seen so many people doing the same dance at once! And the surprising thing was that this happened about five times throughout the night! A new song would come on and everyone would get up a do another synchronised dance!




My classes have been great so far 🙂 It has taken a little while to get used to the different style of classes at Butler. Some differences I have found so far:

– Butler classes are a lot smaller: often about 15 people in a class

– The homework is more frequent: at Butler I get nightly homework tasks rather than big essays

– Assignments are easier and worth less: even though there are more of them, they are easier and you don’t have any assignments that are worth a large percent of your grade

– Professors are a little more formal but personable: at Butler the students call their teachers Professor or Doctor rather than by their first name but also the professors will come up and chat to you between class and check how you are going.


So far college has been wonderful and I look forward to the exciting adventures of next month! Next up are midterms, homecoming and Halloween!

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