Adelaide, Flinders and Green Spaces

Hey! My name is Kate and I’m from Canada. A little bit about me is that I am majoring in Environmental & Health Studies with a minor in Political Science at my home university. Which I think is the perfect blend of science and social science 🙂 I’m in third year and on exchange at Flinders for two semesters.

The view from campus

Getting to Adelaide was a bit of a challenge and required a lot of running and waiting for planes that had been delayed. After what turned out to be 37+ hours +2 days I made it! An ISSU member met me at the airport and took me to residence. At that point she could have left me in a cardboard box I was so tired I don’t think I really processed anything.

On the way to Adelaide

In the morning everything looked at lot better. My roommates are awesome and the campus is amazing here at Flinders! I love that there is so much green space. It actually kind of reminds me of home and it’s probably my favorite part of studying here. The view is amazing I still can’t get over the fact that you can see the ocean from the uni.

Overlooking the trails
One of the many courtyards at Flinders
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