Life 17.5 Hours Ahead (Pt.3) – as told by a Vancouverite

I can’t believe this is already my third blog entry of my exchange – there’s so many things I want to say and 250 words is just not enough so pictures will have to do!

Since it’s the end of May, classes are now in final week-ish. I’m studying digital media here so things have been a bit hectic and I got myself involved in a play produced by BCA students at Flinders. Although it’s somewhat crazy (but really fun), it’s definitely an experience I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on! The play is in its final week of preparations and next week is when it is being showcased so I’m super excited to see it being presented to the audiences. It’s an amazing project to work on and I’ve also got the chance to meet more people too!

But anyhow, I’ve realized I haven’t exactly talked about Adelaide much in particular given I’ve already spent… 3 months here. I actually did not end up exploring much of the area until recently when another exchange friend from my home uni came to visit from Melbourne for 3 days. Yep, so in exactly 3 days, we jam-packed as many touristy trips and adventures as we could. By the end of it, I was exhausted but it was definitely worth it. We rented a car to see Hahndorf and Mt. Lofty (beautiful sunset – must-do!!) and since I come from Canada, I’ve now officially driven on the other side of the road 🙂

P.S. – the time difference is definitely wrong since daylight savings complicated the equation but I’ll leave it at that…

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