TA in SA – Part 3

Perusing Gouger St & Central Market

Oh my goodness! Does time time ever fly?! Reflecting on the past month, it has been mostly filled with uni work and study which may seem a little dull in comparison to some of the crazy weekend adventures of other exchange students, but I wouldn’t it one bit. It has been an epic opportunity to be able to jump out of my comfort zone and study courses     that I would never have thought to/would have had the opportunity to try at home. The knowledge, experiences, and connections I’ve gained through my uni experience here at Flinders have opened my eyes to the endless possibilities for my future and the strength I have within myself to do what I choose.

Aussie Initiation: AUSSIE-MADE UGGS!
South Australia State Library

Aside from uni, I’ve filled my time with CrossFit classes (so incredibly fun and rewarding working with such supportive coaches and mates), learning more knitting patterns and techniques (finished an epic pair of knitted shorts and onto some comfy multi-coloured socks), exploring the city sights (including the Adelaide showgrounds for a design markets, the state library for some cultural-enrichment, and a bunch of little pop-up markets around the city), going ice-skating (who would’ve ever thought a Canadian would find an ice-rink in Australia), and touring through McLaren Vale (and tasting lots of yummy wine of course).



Libraries are cool 🙂
“When in Australia…” do as the Canadians do (…& go ice skating)?!?
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