I just finished my last assignment in this week.

I cannot believe I only have less than one month for staying here. I’ll go back to my home country, South Korea on July 12th.
Until then, there are several things I need to do.
First thing is that I need to say goodbye many people that I met before.
Even in this short time, I met quite amounts of people and I guess this will be quite huge task to do.

Before I do that, I need to go to travel.
Today, I’ll go to Sydney to participate debate events held in University of Technology, Sydney and University of New South Wales.
And I have three days between these events, so I’ll surely travel valuable places in Sydney, I guess.

After I finish my schedule in Sydney, I’ll go to Melbourne to say goodbye my friends, and decorate my final visiting Mebourne before I leave this country.
I’m not sure I’ll go to Perth after Melbourne. If then, I’ll come back to Adelaide on July 3rd. If not, I’ll come back on June 30 in high possibility.

I guess this will be the last inter-state travel during my exchange program period.
After finishing this travel, I really need to prepare for returning to my country.

Until then, I hope I can enjoy Australia as much as possible.
One semester is really short to experience enough.

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