Japan Bound!

Isabelle Holliday- Flinders undergraduate nursing student


Oh my, the excitement! I am so incredibly grateful to be given the opportunity to attend the 2014 INU Disaster Nursing Workshop hosted by Hiroshima University and hope I do well in representing Flinders University SoNM.


Over the past few weeks in preparation for the workshop I have attended meetings, immersed myself in the prerequisite readings and prepared a presentation on Australian disaster management with fellow Flinders nursing student, James, who will be joining me in Japan. I really look forward to learning about the role of the nurse in disaster prevention, preparedness and management. Out of personal interest I have investigated some of Hiroshima’s history, sights and attractions, attempted to learn basic Japanese phrases, and have eaten plenty of ramen and sashimi.


As there are numerous international universities participating, I will be testing and developing my communication skills with staff and students from non-English speaking backgrounds. I also hope to pick their brains to gain an understanding of healthcare systems in foreign countries.


I am a bit nervous about navigating Japan’s public transport system solo, I have no sense of direction here in Adelaide, let alone foreign countries! However, I have been reassured that there are information desks and English-speaking stewards at the terminals/stations to assist me… Wish me luck!

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