Japanese Immersion


My name is Talia I am currently in my 5th year of a double degree in Law and International Studies, and I am incredibly grateful and excited to have been given the opportunity to represent Flinders Uni at the INU Global Citizenship and Peace Conference in a couple of days. I head off tomorrow, on my very first overseas adventure.

I am a little nervous and slightly apprehensive as to what to expect in Japan, mainly having no prior knowledge of the language, however I have been learning a few phrases to hopefully help me get around! I am envisaging an orderly, efficient society, from what I’ve heard everything is very structured and functions extremely well.

The conference itself sounds challenging in regards to the information discussed, and the level of academic debate, however I am totally open to whatever comes my way! I am keen to attend the peace memorial for the atomic bomb that was dropped, we are there for the anniversary and I think it will be a very humbling, emotional and reflective time, something I am not likely to forget!

Overall, I am nervous, however willing to take on all the challenges that come, I am keen to learn all that I can, from the incredibly talented people around me, and also to make the most of every single opportunity I am given!

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