Adjusting to Luck

This first week has already made coming to Flinders worthwhile – and I have 5 more months here to make the most of it.

The best things so far: O’ Week, new friends, sunsets, food, amazing weather, and classes in the new Tonsley campus.









I landed to be greeted at the airport by Flinders arrival team. I was helped to the grocery store, to buy a SIM card and food essential, and set up in to my residence townhouse for the semester – A pretty good start.

Coming from -40*C severe cold warning in Toronto to almost 40*c heatwave in Adelaide was a bit of a shock – but after the heatwave the weather settled on the most pleasant range of 20-30*C.









The next challenge was adjusting with 15.5 hour jet lag – after that it’s all smooth, comfortable, and involves a lot of dancing.









Settling in to Deidre Jordan Village was a great; met my awesome roommates and other villagers; had so many social activities and parties that I still haven’t had time to hit the beaches. After a week of settling in – but really – mostly partying and meeting people I’m feeling pretty ready to start class.

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