A warm welcome from Australia

Hi, everyone! Nice to meet you all here. I am Denise, an exchange student studying Social Work.

The O’WEEK  has allowed me to experience the friendly welcome from Flinders and probably you have met some friends there. I though you had enjoyed the warm welcome from Flinders like me and hope you have already adapted to the life in Australia. Though here the temperature can reach to 40 Celsius degrees due to occasional extreme weather, I feel  more comfortable to such a hot weather because of the low humidity and breeze. Due to the nature of subtropical climate, Hong Kong is humid and hot in Summer which makes you sweaty and feel stuffy. Also,  sunglasses and sunscreen lotion are must items here. You can see everyone wearing sunnies outside which it is uncommon in Hong Kong. ( Hong Kong people wearing sunnies express a kind of fashion instead of protecting from UV). I am glad  living with my exchange buddy, Yentl in a sharing house. She is an easy-going and cheerful girl . My landlord is also a very nice and knowledgeable person.

Lovely weather, lovely people here, also nice view from Brighton Beach. Look forward to exploring more unexpected excitement in Australia.

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