Flinders Take Two!

G’day Mate!
My name is Julie Bever and I am on exchange from Calgary Alberta Canada! I am studying Marketing and working towards my Business and Commerce Degree. I am in my fourth year of five and plan to graduate April of 2016. This is my second exchange and visit to Flinders University , I did a semester last year at this time and enjoyed myself so much I decided to come back! My readjustment into the Aussie lifestyle has been good and a bit strange, it feels as though nothing yet everything has changed! I have spent my first couple weeks visiting all my favorite beaches ( Brighton and Glenelg) and restaurants ( Enuf Burger & Sushi Train) catching up with friends, and I was also Lucky enough to travel Western Australia before my semester began with my best friend. WE flew to Perth in mid February hired a camper van and drove up to Coral Bay! The beaches were the most beautiful I have seen shell beach was my favorite the sand was made tiny white sea shells! All for know will check in when my courses are in full swing! Lets hope I am staying on top of them!

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