From Vancouver to Adelaide

Hey, I’m Kirstin! I’m an exchange student from Vancouver, Canada. My first two weeks in Adelaide have been a whirlwind of beach adventures, new friends, spontaneous outings and of course, settling in to this beautiful place that I get to call home for the next 5 months. With a 18.5 hour time difference, jet lag was to be expected, but I adjusted quite quickly to the time change – and the warm weather compared to home certainly helped!


Getting comfortable here has been an amazingly easy adjustment, however, there’s the odd saying that catches me off guard, for example if someone asks you to come over for tea…it doesn’t mean a warm herbal drink you’d have on a cold day, it means dinner. On another note, popular music in Adelaide doesn’t consist of as much American mainstream music as I was expecting which was a pleasant surprise! I’ve been exposed to a multitude of Australian artists who are very talented. And thanks to Flinders O’Week, I was lucky enough to see a couple of them live!


The past 14 days have been jam packed with new experiences, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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