My First Blog Post!

Hello all! My name is Will, and yes I am new to the blogging scene, so I urge you guys to bear with me as I figure everything out. I have left the cold and the wind of the Midwestern United States, Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana to be specific, for the sunshine and warm breeze of Adelaide, S.A. and Flinders University.

Ok, now for a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Vermont (a small state in the northeastern United States) so it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows the area that I enjoy nature and the outdoors. I am a second year sociology student, but during my time at Flinders I will be taking an assortment of classes that are of interest to me.

I am extremely excited to call Flinders University home for the duration of my exchange semester. I know that my time here will fly by (much like my word count on this post), but I look forward to sharing my journey and experiences with you guys as well. Until next time!



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