April is traveling month

Me with a camel in Alice Springs
Me with a camel in Alice Springs

This past month I have been traveling everywhere! I went to the aboriginal grounds and Alice Springs which was BEAUTIFUL. We hiked King’s Canyon, about 10-12 k, with the start of the hike being something called “Heart Attack Hill”, but it is worth it! There is a spot in the middle where all the rain water collects called the Garden of Eden and it really is the most green lovely spot. Rain water everywhere, tiny little frogs, golden birds and parrots (at a comfy distance). We had our snack there which was apples. I enjoyed our tour guide’s sense of irony.

Me on a hike at King's Canyon
Me on a hike at King’s Canyon

Uluru was beautiful at sunrise and I loves hearing their stories, called “dreamtime stories” very amazing. Sleeping under the stars was glorious, open air but a bit terrifying! We also apparently had a dingo come in the campsite in the middle of the night, someone had a scorpion in their sleeping bag and there was a huntsman spider in the shower!!!

Uluru at sunset
Uluru at sunrise

I also went to Kangaroo Island for a few days and it was wonderful, it felt sort of like Maine. A bit cold, with a ferry ride there and back but a unique experience! The seals were cool, but my favorite was the sea lions! They are endangered but there is a colony that is very protected on Kangaroo Island that you can go directly on the beach with. I can now say that I have been within 2 feet of a wild endangered animal! However, sadness of my life, the photos from Kangaroo Island might all be gone because my camera is stupid. I’m trying to get them back, but I’m still very upset about that. A lesson in studyng abroad learned: take photos on more than one camera and back everything up religiously.

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