Go to Africa!

Time flies. The 2 weeks semester break ended quickly. How did everyone spend your holiday? Were you guys struggling with assignments?

The most unforgettable things that I did in the semester break was the trip to Monarto Zoo.  I have only been to Gorge wildlife park in Adelaide. This is the second zoo I visited here. One thing that is special about Monarto is that it is the only zoo without koala!!!  The weather was nice on that day after a week of rain. The zoo was big and there was shuttle bus to took us around.  When talk about Africa, what kinds of animals come up your mind? Lion? cheetah? I saw some zebras in a very short distance. I felt that I was in Africa!! Also, I can almost touch the giraffe! How amazing it is!

I become lazy after the long break. It’s time to go back on the studies and assignments. T^T



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