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First couple of months of class have been quite similar in difficulty and method of teaching to what I’m used to back in Canada. The DJ Village settled down from the fast pace of O’Week and many days the Community Center was full of people studying.

The weather also cooled down and visits to the beach became less frequent allowing for other outings to The Wildlife Park and hikes at conservation parks.

For the mid-semester break I decided to group up with 7 other friends that all live in DJ Village and we organized a trip to New Zealand for the two weeks.


We rented a bus and traveled the North Island from Auckland to Wellington visiting everything in between.


Between partying and “family dinners” we were able to do some awesome adventure hikes, bungee jump, black water cave diving, and visiting some famous Lord of the Rings sites. We usually stayed at hostels or AirBnB houses and cooked our own meals at least once a day.


Upon returning from such a beautiful place and a state of such extreme relaxation I had to ease back into learning and focus on my courses. It proved to be quite hard especially because I’m not used to having such a long break mid-semester. Also around this time all of my friends back home were finishing their semester And I tended to think of April as a finishing semester – but there I was – trying to get back into study mode.

After I settle in I’ll be looking to plan some visits around Australia including Sydney and Darwin. Stay tuned 🙂

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