May is coming~

Time flies, May is coming!

I went to Sydney with two good friends during the mid-term break!

The experience in Sydney was amazing and unforgettable. We went to the Opera House,  zoo, Sydney tower and so on. My friends helped me and taught me a lot during the trip.

As my English is not good, they arranged the whole trip for me. How lucky am I to make such good friends in Flinders!

.Opera House

The scenery was fabulous, but we found a lot of restaurants were closed very early, and they were not open on Sunday, which made us a little frustrating to find good food

Closed restaurant

On the fourth day in Sydney, I went to Sydney University’s Law school to visit a professor who was graduated from my home university. We visited the museum in Sydney University  together. We shared a lot about the life in Australia and the idea about the legal awareness in China. I have to say that we have a long way to go, no matter in economic development, legal system reformation, or in the spread of Chinese culture.


Reality is tough, but I believe it will be better and better.

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