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With final exams coming up and SWOTVAC in motion, it’s really started to sink in how close the end of my adventure is. I’m so happy that Flinders gives students a week after classes finish before exams officially commence. It resulted in me being able to drive the Great Ocean Road before buckling down to study.

A group of five of us rented a camper van so that we could adventure at our own pace. We got it from a company called Wicked Campers, which was extremely well priced and a fun, laid back company. The van had a bed inside and a tent on the top so we didn’t have to worry about booking into hostels while we travelled. However, we did discover that the state of Victoria recently passed a law that camping cannot be free anymore, so there were some extra expenses there. The trip was definitely worth it and seeing iconic landmarks in Australia, such as the 12 Apostles, was amazing.



The 12 Apostles
The 12 Apostles











Coming back to the Village after our trip brought about some strange feeling since finals are now upon us and as soon as those are done we will all be heading our separate ways. It’s a little bit bitter-sweet to think about the semester ending. On one hand, I’ll be all finished exams and starting some new traveling adventures with one of my best friends from home, and getting back to Canada is an exciting thought as well. On the other hand, leaving the Village and saying goodbye to all of the friends I’ve made here this semester has already started weighing on me a bit. I know I’ll make the effort to see them all again one day, and with everyone coming from all around the world, it’s really just another excuse to travel!


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