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I’ve noticed that I am the only Canadian living in the Flinders Uni-hall so I decided to dedicate my May Post to all things Hall!

Flinders living offers two types of accommodation the Village and the Uni Hall! I live in the hall, which is a college which means its part of SAUCC which is the 5 colleges that are in Adelaide! There is St Anns, Lincon, Aquinos, St Marks, and then my college flinders (the best one!)  Together all the colleges compete in sports and also go to shared events and concerts. This month a portion of my time was dedicated to SAUCC footy being Canadian this sport is brand new to me and it is one of my fondest memories so far, a group of 22 girls all got together trained 3 times a week and participated in 3 games on the weekend  we came in third place and had lots of fun in the progress! 

The uni-hall differs from the village in that food is catered 5 days a week and the living conditions are different for the majority of residents live in single rooms and  have shared kitchens and washrooms! with in the college there is a house committee that covers social, sports, and international events there is also a tutor team that is responsible for a group of residents and are their to help with any issues and then there is a dean as well that looks over all the flinders living!  It’s all about community within the hall and everyone gets around each other, the tutors and dean get to know all the residents and the house committee is always getting input from residents for events and what they would like for events and activities!

As mentioned previously I had lived in the hall the year before 2014 and I believe it was the great community and people I meet that made me so determined to return! Anyone who is reading this is considering an exchange I would definitely recommended living on campus at the hall or the village! I must add it is very convenient being on campus and a perk compared to the other colleges is that your not in the city surrounding the hall is the gully which filled of bike and walking paths! For me the nature was a big highlight because it is different then Canada and an escape from the city lifestyle that I am so use to. 

Game day girls huddle before at half time
Game day girls huddle at half time
Me and my best friend Ebonne getting a photo with our dean at a hall event
Me and my best friend Ebonne getting a photo with our dean at a hall event
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