INU Hiroshima, Japan


My name is Amelia Rohrlach and I am in my third year of a Bachelor of International Studies and Diploma of Language. I am very excited because I am leaving for Hiroshima, Japan in a couple of days to take part in the INU Global Citizenship and Peace Conference.

Whilst I am very excited, I am also quite nervous! I have heard a lot of great stories about Japan however and I am looking forward to experiencing the culture of such very diverse country. I am especially looking forward to attending the peace memorial ceremony for the dropping of the atomic bomb. I have heard that it is a very humbling experience and I feel honored to have the opportunity to go.

Whilst in Japan we will also be attending workshops and taking part in a mock United Nations experience. I hope this all goes well. There are a lot of readings to do to prepare!


All in all I am very excited to be heading to Japan!


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