INU Disaster Nursing 2015

Hello everybody, my name is Heath and I am, preparing to head to Hiroshima, Japan, it has been both busy and exciting few weeks. I am participating in the International Network of Universities (INU) Workshop on Global Health and Nursing, August 3-10 2015. The theme for this year, excitingly is Disaster Nursing. I feel very blessed and extremely grateful to be able to take part in joining other undergraduate nursing students and post graduate nurses, from around the world.

I couldn’t have asked for more of an incredible opportunity for overseas study to arise for me during my final year of studies in Registered Nursing at Flinders University. I’m so happy that I can experience this amazing opportunity, even though somewhat daunted about the work ahead. I am determined to represent Australia and Flinders University to the best of my ability, as this is the first time I have been abroad.
Due to the conference having a large focus on multi-national aspects, it will make the theme and cross-cultural learning, so much more complex and meaningful as we take part in the workshops.
I have a desire to experience the process surround disaster nursing, and develop skills and knowledge in this area, as it is a field of nursing I have a future desire to develop my knowledge further and assist in major events in the future. I can’t wait to experience firsthand what can be achieved when nurses from around the world join forces for learning, empowerment, and positive change.
I am very lucky to be going with another undergraduate Flinders nursing student, Amanda. Together we have completed the prep work, prepared a presentation for the forum in relation to Australian response to disasters. We have spent a large amount of time working through researching, reading interesting pre-readings, and preparing for the study and activities ahead.
My bookings are all confirmed, bags packed, my normal university study has been all taken care of, and so now I am all set to contribute and learn as much as I can in Hiroshima.
Amanda and I will keep you posted with how it goes!

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