Pre-departure anxiety and expectation: INU Master’s Summer School on Global Citizenship and Peace, Hiroshima, Japan

Hi everyone,
I am Mong, a student of Master of International Development. It is a great honour and good opportunity for me that, I have been selected to participate in the INU (International Network of Universities) Master’s Summer School on Global Citizenship and Peace in Hiroshima 2015 along with other fellow participants. The program will be held from August 4 2015 to August 11 2015. There are only a few days left to start the trip to Japan, a new country, where English is not the first language of its people, which seems to be a bit daunting. However, English is not my first language as well, so, I am not sure what will be the circumstances in communication with Japanese national participants. The only Japanese word, in my stock is “Arigatou gozaimasu” (thank you), which seems not sufficient to interact with the Japanese students. It is my first time Travelling to Japan, although it is not my first time going abroad, as I have been studying abroad, in Australia, for one and half years already as an international student.

There will be lots of activities in the program with international students and scholars including seminars on Global Governance and International Policy, Responsibility and Justice in Global Politics, Strategic Decision Making and Realising Human Rights in the ASEAN Region. The activities will also include participation in the Peace Memorial Ceremony and role play of UN General Assembly. I hope that, the activities of the program will enhance my knowledge, experience and understanding on global citizenship and peace that I will share with you after completion of the program.

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