Hello from Florida!

Hello, my name is Nathanael.  I am from the University of Miami in Florida, USA.  I will be studying Physics and Maths abroad here in Adelaide for the next four months.

Since I came from the literal opposite side of the world my journey started with an exciting 15 hour flight from LA to Sydney, which I mostly slept the duration of.  When I stepped of the plane my relief was met with the cold 15 degrees… something I am not used to living in Miami.

Once I adjusted to the cold though, my experience turned around.  Sydney is one of the liveliest, most exciting cities I have ever been to.  I explored the city, seeing the Opera House and the Westfield tower, taking in all the new sights. After spending 2 days there (time between my flights) I just did not want to leave, but it was time to head over to Adelaide.

I arrived in Adelaide on Monday and am excited to start my semester at Flinders University.


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