INU Japanese Student Seminar

I leave for the INU Student Seminar Sunday morning. The excitement is starting to get to me. I have done a fair bit of travel before, but very little travel to countries that have such large cultural differences with Australia, as Japan is sure to have. Consequently I am very excited but I am also a touch anxious, the two in separable feelings one encounters when stretching one’s comfort zone.


The seminar looks exciting with students and professors from universities all over the world attending including Japan, Australia, Italy, Spain, the United States and South Africa. In this sense, I am perhaps more looking forward to the input from students from different cultural backgrounds having starkly different ideas.


I am busily printing off the readings required for the seminar. The trip is fast approaching and the seminar starting next week. I am looking forward to meeting new people and having a good experience, realising the week and a half so seminar will go very quickly.

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