INU Workshop on Global Health and Nursing, Hiroshima, Japan.

With just three sleeps to go, the excitement is building and the reality that I will be travelling to Japan is finally here. It has been a roller coaster of emotions getting to this point after the shock email to say I had been accepted. This continued with the craziness of the subject shuffle, the disappointment of my friend being mugged with my Japanese Yen in her handbag, the utter elation of packing clothes and finally the pain when jamming my finger in the door!

Upon arrival to Japan we will spend a night in Tokyo followed by a night in Kyoto before heading to Hiroshima for nine nights. I feel privileged to be a part of the ‘Natural Disasters’ workshop and am excited to be meeting other students from around the world and gain valuable clinical knowledge.

I am travelling with high expectations that this is going to be a life changing trip with many humbling moments to cherish. I am a little anxious about the food situation as my gag reflex can be triggered easily but have vowed to give most things a go. I anticipate that my communication skills will be put to the test and I may have to concentrate a little to ensure my safe arrival at various locations.

Anyway, I must begin the extensive readings, charge my camera and pack my hat and sunscreen.

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