INU Conference Hiroshima, Japan 2015- Getting Ready

The excitement is starting, it just over a week I will be on a plane and off to visit Hiroshima, Japan. Once in Hiroshima I will be spending three days to acclimatize myself and to take part in all the typical tourist things that everyone needs to do. After that myself and three other students from Flinders will take part in the 2015 International Network of Universities Student Seminar on Global Citizenship and Peace, with this year’s theme looking at Global Citizenship and Peace from a gendered perspective.

At the moment I am furiously reading journal article after journal article in an attempt to complete all the required readings before we arrive. From the amount of readings we have and the content of the readings, I expect the conference to be a challenging but rewarding experience which I am thoroughly looking forward too.

However, for now I am off to do more readings and to look through the internet to find all the amazing places, foods, sites, and sounds I will be able to experience while over in Japan!

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