INU bound

I am sitting in a hotel at Kuala Lumpur airport, finishing off the last of my readings for the INU seminar. This marks my first time outside of Australia. In some hours time I will be catching my connecting flight to Japan, arriving in Osaka, and then making my way down to Hiroshima. The weeks leading up to this moment can only be described as a whirlwind of preparation, last minute changes, and immense excitement.

I am flooded with a mix of nerves and joy. I am nervously anticipating the hurdles of working out the ebbs and flows of a new country, especially one where I do not speak the language, whilst simultaneously overjoyed at the prospect of new experiences. I am looking forward not only the great opportunity to learn about gender issues in the global context, but also all the people I will have chance to meet, along with immersing myself in a different culture. I am immeasurably thankful to Flinders University for giving me the opportunity to take part in what will be a fantastic adventure.

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