Time Flies

It’s been a month and a half now that I’m in Australia, but it still feels like I’ve just started my time at Flinders. The time here has been great so far; I’ve met tons of new people, saw a lot of nice parts of South Australia, and had some great parties. The next couple of weeks will be a lot less relaxed unfortunately, because there are some assignment deadlines coming up. After that comes the mid-semester break though, so I have something to look forward to. In the two weeks of holiday that we get I am planning on going to Melbourne for a couple of days and to the Gold Coast. I hope to finally get my surf on and ride some waves in the beautiful Surfer’s Paradise. Time really flies when you are in a different country experiencing so many new things and while I am here for 6 months, it feels like my time here is much shorter. Therefore the biggest piece of advice I can give new exchangers is that you really have to enjoy every moment while you are here, even if that moment seems small or insignificant at first. Don’t take anything for granted and say yes to every new experience that comes your way!20150808_165120

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