Time flies

The second month has passed, a great month but also a month that went by way too fast! I started the month with an amazing trip to the outback; spotting hundreds of kangaroos, emu’s, echidna’s and birds, watching hundreds of stars in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, and enjoying great Australian food (that is, kangaroo) and wine. The trip was an incredible experience and showed me the Australian wild for the first time. Besides this, the month was full of parties and fun activities. But, of course, also some studying since the first papers were due. In general I find my studies here a lot easier than back home, so it feels good not to have to worry about this too much. Therefore and furthermore, I went to an AFL match, something I definetely recommend! A huge stadium, a huge crowd, and huge confusion (I didn’t know the rules, but managed to learn them at the end of the game). As the month flew by, I flew to Sydney last weekend with some of my international friends. We did a trip to the beautiful Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach, and of course spend a lot of time in the lively and massive city of Sydney itself. Conclusion: it was a great month!

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