The wildlife is great!

In my second month of studying here I decided to try and see some of the local Wildlife.  So I decided to make a trip weekend and stop at Urimbirra Wild Life Park and Victor Harbor.  Well the first stop was great; since it was a wildlife refuge they had all of the main Australian animals including koalas, kangaroos, emus, dingoes, and an assortment of birds. I was able to get some great pictures with koalas petting them, and feeding the kangaroos!  I found both of them very entertaining as the koalas could not care less that there were humans poking and petting them, and the kangaroos all had different personalities.  One of the kangaroos was very persistent and followed me around for nearly 10 minutes hoping that I would give him more food.  Another got aggressive and started punching all of his “friends” in order to get to me first so he could claim all the food for himself.  After leaving the wildlife park I ventured to Victor Harbor and visited Granite Island in order to see penguins.  Once night struck, the penguins landed on shore from their fishing, and they were all so cute.  I have not seen wild penguins before so I was pretty excited, as they are my favorite animal.   I am very excited about what other things that I might see on the remainder of my stay in Southern Australia!




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