Heading to Bandung, Indonesia.

I’ve been selected as one of the Flinders representatives in International Student Conference 2016 on Global Citizenship (Rural Sustainable Development: Moving Towards Inclusive Growth for All), held by UNPAR (Parahyangan Catholic University) Bandung, from 17th to 25th January 2016.

I’ve looked for some information and found that Bandung is one of the best places in Indonesia and hopefully I’ll experience so much fun there. I’ve read all the information provided by the committee and I guess I’ll meet students from Universities from all around the world.  Another thing I do expect from this event is to learn something new, especially about rural areas and how to sustain the development there.

The number of people moving from rural to urban areas is gradually increasing every year. That’s why I love learning about this sort of circumstances and hopefully I can give contribution by sharing my thoughts during the conference.

The schedule itself is pretty tough as we will visit many places. But to be honest, I’m excited to go to some site places such as Sarimukti (a dump area), Wayang Village, and Borobudur Temple. I hope to make a lot of friends, create networking, and get involved with others. Apart from this, I’d like to also share opinions, learn others culture, and work with other people during the activities.

Johni Robert Verianto Korwa, a student of Master of Arts (International Relations) participating in UNPAR International Student Conference at Universitas Katolik Parahyangan in Indonesia in January 2016 

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