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I have come back from a one month Scholarship in Singapore, in this time me and another student spent time researching materials for solar cells. The research we did was with Professor ShuyanXu at Nanyang Technological University.

The research project under taken was to determine the band gap in the semiconductor, black silicon. Solar cell samples using the black silicon were tested using the surface area to volume ratio (SVR) relationship with the conductivity. Using the scanning electron microscope  SEM at the University, the dimensions of the Nano pyramid structures were determined to be approximately square and using the height the surface to volume ratio (SVR) was determined.

During our spare time and on the weekend we took the opportunity to see many of the sights around Singapore. Navigating the city was made easy with frequent trains and buses that could be used with a tap on and off system which made commuting to the University and around Singapore sightseeing easy. During the week we explored the local food in Bugis including the Albert Centre where the food was cheap and tasty. Another weekend was dedicated to the zoos of Singapore, these were impressive. Highlights of Sentosa include the wax museum and SEA aquarium. The museum included some highly detailed sculptures and there was a wax replica of Taylor Swift, which reminded me of the Matt Damon puppet from the film, Team America.

The entire experience was enjoyable and I hope to visit again soon.

Ashley Blythe, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Clean Technology) student, participating in Using Plasma Technology Program-New Colombo Plan project, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2016

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Ashley in a group at Nanyang
Ashley (on the right) in a group at Nanyang
At the fountain during free time in Singapore
At the fountain during free time in Singapore
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