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Konnichiwa! 「こんにちは、みなさん」

I will soon be entering my third month of student exchange here in Tokyo’s Chuo University. Although it has certainly taken some getting used to and adjustments, I finally feel as I have settled into a comfortable routine and life in Japan, mostly due to the incredible kindness and support from the Chuo University International Centre.

Spring and the much anticipated cherry blossom season has finished, and we are now coming into the humidity of Tokyo’s summer. I already miss the cherry blossoms and seeing the trees outside my apartment window blooming each morning, but here’s to experiencing my first Japanese summer!

The pace, teaching and working ethic in Japan is like one I have never experienced before: it is very inspiring and incredible the sheer amount of determination that the Japanese put into their everyday lives, I have never experienced such hard-working! I have since chosen my topics and am undertaking 5 in total including Japanese. One of my most favourite is aptly titled Japanese Literature, and we are currently reading translations of some of Japan’s best selling authors!

I have been lucky enough to experience many ‘local’ things, such as obscure restaurants and cafes but also IKEA, where they offer unlimited free refills of cappuccino! The desserts here are simply incredible, as well as all of the food, are SO delicious!

Furthermore, recently I was asked to give a short presentation to hopeful Japanese students wishing to study abroad where I was able to represent and promote Flinders University as a school for their student exchange, which was fun.

Unfortunately now I must get back to studying, as Japanese language here is very intensive! I have two upcoming tests and a presentation next week, so wish me luck!

Thank you for reading!

Sayonara! 「さようなら」

Stephanie Egidio, a Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary Schooling), Bachelor of Arts student, Semester 1 2016 exchange at Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan 

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Japanese Cherry Blossoms at Tama, Tokyo
Japanese Cherry Blossoms at Tama, Tokyo
Traditional Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)
Traditional Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)
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