Return from Yogyakarta

This post is a little delayed as I have been super busy since I returned to Australia!

I had an absolutely amazing time away in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I got exposed to so many nutrition problems and the healthcare system in Indonesia. This trip has definitely deepened my passion for nutrition and dietetics. It was really interesting to meet people from another country working and studying in the same field as mine and sharing our experiences with each other.

We also had plenty of time to check out the local tourist attractions. We were lucky to visit Prambanan (Hindu temple and one of the tourist highlights of my trip!), Borobodur (Buddhist temple), see the Ramayana ballet and try lots of local foods. I would highly recommend that if the opportunity arises during your study to go overseas it is a very beneficial opportunity.

One of my main goals was to increase my cultural competence and become more confident in working with people of other cultural backgrounds. This trip has definitely helped me in achieving this goal.

Josie Lawrence, a  Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, is participating in the Nutrition and Dietetics Research Project in Indonesia in 2016

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