Pre Exchange at Calgary University!

I’m Amy and I’m an International Tourism Student. A semester abroad is something I’ve been dreaming of since high school, and something I’ve been planning and working towards since the start of 2015 when I heard of the Learning Without Borders team and what the university has to offer. Of course, being a tourism student it’s only natural to want to travel the world while still gaining credit for my degree! I’m very fortunate and grateful for this extraordinary experience I have been offered.

Although, the whole time I had been planning exchange to the USA until the very last minute when I had a change of heart and decided on Canada, the University of Calgary to be exact. Although America is a beautiful country with plenty to offer, my heart wasn’t set on it anymore and Calgary had been offered to me instead. I will be spending 4 months studying in Canada at University of Calgary, but my travel plans for after the semester are for the East coast of America, from New York to Miami.

I’m going into this experience with an open mind and heart and not many expectations, because I know this trip will exceed my expectations by far. Although I’m so scared of moving to a different country with only 1 or 2 familiar faces, I’m also so excited for the endless amount of new things I will experience, both personally and academically. This will be my first overseas experience and first time living out of home, and it’s very daunting knowing I’m walking alone through this but I know I will come out the other end much more independent and confident, with a whole new outlook on myself and the world around me.

A few things about this trip I’m already excited about are:

  • Meeting new people (especially my 2 new room mates)
  • Supporting the universities sports teams (and experiencing ice hockey for the first time!)
  • Traveling one of the most beautiful countries in the world
  • Sight seeing all the beautiful nature Canada has to offer
  • Staying in New York, Miami and The Bahamas (along with other American cities)
  • Getting an authentic experience of living at a Canadian college
  • Gaining a better understanding of Canadian culture and way of life
  • Creating friends and networks across the globe (and people to come back and visit!)
  • Being independent, and all the personal growth it will bring
  • Mostly, getting out of my comfort zone and exploring a new part of this beautiful world!

I’m very nervous for the move, but so excited for this experience! I plan on keeping a video diary of my trip and uploading to YouTube (if all goes to plan) and keeping my own personal blog. (Will put links in my next blog update if these are all set up!)

This past week I have picked up all of my tickets and itinerary, so the next step is jumping on the plane and starting this amazing journey!

Talk to you all again soon!

 Amy Hobbs, a Bachelor of International Tourism student, Semester 2 2016 exchange at University of Calgary, Canada 

Amy getting excited for the upcoming trip
Amy getting excited for the upcoming trip
Image of theUniversity of Calgary
Image of theUniversity of Calgary
One of the beautiful Canadian sceneries Amy plans to visit
One of the beautiful Canadian sceneries Amy plans to visit


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