A new start in Oz Land – Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

August 25 th, that’s been exactly a month now since my classes started at Flinders University. It ‘s crazy how time flies! Actually it was a just a month ago that everything started… I first remember my arrival at Adelaide’s airport after two days of journey, the first meeting with my house mates, my first visit to the CBD… For my first week here I just took the time to realize that I am living on OZ land now…

People say G’day or Mate when they speak, time difference is huge with France, locals are crazy of sports like footy, and yes there are beautiful parrots everywhere that you can observe in the trees, indeed welcome to Australia ! The second week I had the orientation meeting at Flinders University, where I had the chance to meet other international students from many different countries ( Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands ).

Then my classes started the second week, I’m actually amazed by the facilities and the studying environment here. The Plazza [and] Hub is all new and it is open 24 hours 7 days, very useful if you need to finish one assignment late by night, students have incredible material at their disposal and there is even a giant screen so they can watch Rio Olympics in live or Play Mario kart !

Regarding classes everything is made so you feel comfortable with your studies, in terms of organization and teaching. Professors and lecturers are very keen to exchange with you and they make you participate actively in class, although it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, you need to study on your own, too.

The third week I went on a tour organized by the ISS team at Cleland Wildlife Park and Hahndorf village with other exchange students. What a great moment we had, taking pictures with koalas and kangaroos ! With my friends from Brazil and Japan we even tried a jumping race with one of the kangaroo, but Roo was definitely too fast for us… See you next time for new adventures, G’day mates !

Julian Vial, semester exchange at Flinders University from Université d’ Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse, France , Semester 2 2016

Julian with kangaroos
A race with kangaroos at Cleland Wildlife Park
A race with kangaroos at Cleland Wildlife Park
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